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Virtual Warriors


The Virtual Warriors have journeyed throughout the virtual world of the internet for many years. From the Delta Force series and Joint Operations to Battlefield 2 We have reigned alongside some of the greatest of the Battle Clans. We found the adventure and adversity we needed to feed our lust for battle many times over.

Eventually we reached a point where we realised we needed more…..

Action and fighting was only part of our need, we needed something more, we needed ambition beyond the realms of medals and weapons upgrades. We needed a goal, and that goal should not be achievable within days or weeks, we needed an ambition that would take many months or even years to achieve. We would be able to build up our strengths, skills, influence and reputation over a period of time growing our ranks ever larger and stronger.

There have been casualties on this journey, comrades and friends who have fallen by the wayside, either by choice or circumstances, who will be remembered always. This Website will act as a beacon to those that one day may choose to return.


Where are the Virtual Warriors now?

Well to achieve our ambitions it was necessary to leave the realms of mother earth and move into space and there you will find us to this day in the World of .....


To learn more about the Virtual Warriors and enjoy the benefits of what this corporation has to offer please do feel free to register on this site, It will give you access to a wealth of information including our downloads section and forums



Join us in game, our public chat channel is VWPUBLIC

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